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About Us

Enlightening Entertainment was established to promote the creation of internationally recognised performing arts programs in Australasia, United Kingdom, China and other international locations. We believe in intercultural arts and global interaction to establish dynamic and exciting theatrical product that has a commercial value through international collaborations.



Using known models of developing audience bases, we will work closely with our partners to identify a clear marketing strategy for each project, to ensure maximum impact through appropriate branding, targeting and publicity materials in such a way to increase the profile and build audience numbers.




London Office

Building a diverse repertoire that showcases the best available arts.



Further to Enlightening Entertainment (EE) building a diverse repertoire that showcases the best available arts and artists, EE’s objective is to deliver strategic planning and programs for audience development as well as technical training and education with an emphasis on Musical Theatre, Drama and Opera production. Through a performance and academic program structure, EE’s long term mission is to implement postgraduate training and provide job opportunities for local artists and arts practitioners. EE will commission reports and consult with local government on the current performing arts infrastructure and possible implementation to ascertain the best possible way to address cities and regions future performing arts’ needs.


Our fundamental vision is to develop a marketing strategy that addresses the vital role the arts play as a partner in social development as well as providing a gathering place for the community to celebrate and experience activities that will enrich the lives of the participants. We will help develop a comprehensive cultural experience and increase the profile of the performing and visual arts in districts for tourism, culture, heritage and arts. Targeting the tourism industry regionally with partnered promotional packages via hotels and restaurants as well as targeting media, educational institutions and businesses for exposure and ticket sales..

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